Yadea in the Global Setup

Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd., after nearly 20 years of rapid development, is now a high-end electric two-wheeled vehicle manufacturing enterprise. Yadea continues to increase its influence in the research and development of core technologies for electric twowheelers, including power systems, energy systems, intelligent systems, safety systems, and appearance design. Yadea’s continuous large investments in technological innovation has allowed them to obtain 677 patents including Graphene batteries, CTR broadband power motors, and smart travel.

Yadea Group has six production bases in China (Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Chongqing, and Anhui) and one in Vietnam (Hanoi). They also have an industrial design center. With an annual production capacity of more than 12 million vehicles and sales network covering 83 countries around the world, these yielded annual sales of more than 6 million vehicles and high-end sales taking the lead for 15 consecutive years. In 2019, Yadea sold 6.09 million units resulting in a revenue of 11.968 billion yuan (around 88.73 billionpesos). The cumulative number of global users exceeded 36 million, the number of terminal stores reached over 20 thousand, and there were more than 2 thousand distributors nationwide. Yadea’s channel coverage ranked highest in the industry.

Let’sGo.EV was established in 2021 and is an official distributor of Yadea in the Philippines. Let’sGo.EV believes that electric vehicles are the future, and e-bikes and e-motors are the way to go. As such, Let’sGo.EV aims to provide Filipinos only with the best, efficient, and superior quality products available in the market.

Yadea’s  CSR and Business Philosophy

Yadea actively undertakes social responsibility by devoting itself to public welfare and charity, donating materials and donations to disaster-stricken areas and caring for people’s livelihood. Since its establishment, Yadea has donated about 200 million yuan (1.48 billion pesos) of resources to the betterment of society.

Yadea has always adhered to the business philosophy of “providing products and services that make consumers happy and satisfied.” Yadea follows the “premium e-mobility strategy” taking into account “better design, more high-tech, better quality” and “more advanced manufacturing, better service, more exports”. As such Yadea became a world-class enterprise, leading the development of the e-bike and escooter industry.